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Calico Critters Red Panda Family Toy
Space Station Play set
Crash Test Lab
Ty Tracey Dog Plush, Black/White, Regular

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HB Performer Ball - 225g, 3in
Play Stage Ball - 100mm, 200g
Mini Light Up Disc
Luster Illuminated Stage Ball - 70mm 140grams

Welcome to Incredible Flying Objects!

Winchester Va Toy Store

IFO is a family  owned  and operated Toy and Novelty Shop located in Old Town Winchester Va.

Incredible Flying Objects specializes in unique gifts including, toys, games, magic supplies,

disc golf discs, frisbees, kites, darts, juggling equipment, Estes rockets and novelties. 

 Fun Stuff for all ages!

  Stop by and say hi to owners Drew and Anna.

We'll be glad to teach you how to juggle or maybe you'll learn a few magic tricks!